Wednesday, October 13, 2010

L'OFF JAZZ festival passes up for grabs - 2010 CKUT Funding Drive "jazz early-bird" draw.

Our 2010 Funding Drive is on the horizon. From October 21st through the 31st we will be asking for your financial support on-air. Your donation is important in the continued independence of CKUT's programming. As always, we have loads of gifts to offer in exchange for your generous support.

This year CKUT has partnered with
L'OFF JAZZ to offer donors to Jazz Amuck and Jazz Euphorium a chance to win a pair of festival passes for L'OFF JAZZ Festival, celebrating its 11th year of showcasing Montreal's considerable jazz talent.


Every donation of 25$ paid in full before 10:45 am on October 15th, 2010 will get you one entry into the early bird jazz draw. The winners will be announced just before 11am on the October 15th edition of Jazz Amuck.


Donate on line or call the pledge line at any time


(leave a message with your name and number if you can't get through)


Why DONATE to CKUT's Jazz Programmes?

• To pledge your support to listener supported radio.

• To keep creative/avant jazz alive on the FM dial!

• To ensure that CKUT can provide community members with the necessary tools to create meaningful radio.


Here's a for-instance...

DONATE $60 to Jazz Amuck or Jazz Euphorium by the October 15 deadline and get; two entries into the draw for a pair of Passports to all L'OFF Jazz shows - a prize only available to early bird jazz donors (i.e.: small pool = good chances!), one entry into the draw for a Suoni per il Popolo 2011 festival pass (as well as one entry into all the other grand prize draws), two CD's of your choice from our selection, and a choice of custom-designed and screened CKUT t-shirt or shoulder bag.
Donors who donate during this "jazz early-bird" period will also be eligible for all of the other gifts and prize draws normally associated with CKUT's Annual Funding Drive

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